HBO’s John Oliver puts spotlight on mobile home industry

On Sunday, HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” delved into the mobile home industry, otherwise known as the manufactured home or trailer industry.

Canadian Realtor under fire over Christmas card

A real estate agent’s holiday card sent to clients has raised a commotion online after critics took offense at its depiction of his wife and three daughters with their mouths duct-taped shut while he held a “peace on Earth” sign.

Government will restrict mortgage data in 2019 for safety, privacy

The CFPB publishes loan data every year to inform real estate stakeholders about these trends. After seeking public comment on the new disclosure rules, the Bureau unveiled changes to protect individuals’ privacy.

50M homes vulnerable to coastal flooding, climate report concludes

A report released Friday concludes that as many as 49.9 million homes along U.S. shorelines could be threatened by rising sea levels caused by global warming.

Keep the peace on Thanksgiving with these conversation starters

Forget Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi — there’s a whole universe of fascinating real estate topics to discuss this Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Zillow’s new partnership makes listing photos a breeze

This winter, Zillow will allow users of visual content marketing network Urbanimmersive to directly upload their photography to the listing giant’s database.

Millennials should move to one of these 20 smaller cities

The No. 1 city for millennials today is the metropolitan area connecting Omaha, Nebraska, and Council Bluffs, Iowa. The next top two cities on the ranking are Des Moines, Iowa, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

New on-demand showings app Jove launches in Philly

Philadelphia-based real estate startup Jove has a new iOS app of the same name that promises to bring Uber-like speed and convenience to buyers in the area, connecting them nearly instantly with nearby agents. Although it has the infrastructure to go nationwide, that’s still a ways down the line. Co-founder Josh Evans’ goal is to create a product with impeccable customer service.

$10M Houston mansion most expensive foreclosed home in US

A Houston mansion with nine bathrooms and 15,000 square feet of space is now the country’s most expensive foreclosed property, clocking in at $9.75 million.

Offerpad is expanding to Dallas and Tucson

As competition in the industry heats up, the tech-enabled, all-cash homebuying and reselling startup Offerpad is not sitting idly by: the company is expanding into two new markets: Dallas, Texas, by Nov. 1 and Tucson, Arizona, by Dec. 3.