A new vision for luxury

Parts of the U.S. luxury scene still revel in gilded age-like spirit, but the idea of bigger, bolder and flashier homes is not playing well in markets where mega mansions sit idle.

NAR lawsuit is good for consumers

Regardless of the outcome of the mega lawsuit, the sunshine from this legal assault will force the industry to clean up its act. Savvy and progressive industry leaders are using this moment to break from the past and lift the veil of secrecy for consum…

In sickness and in health: The rocky marriage of Wall Street and real estate

When real estate and Wall Street have a fling, things often go haywire. And sometimes, it can end up impacting the entire industry.

The real estate wonderkids

At this disruptive moment in time, the fate of the real estate industry rests in the hands of a relatively new crop of real estate wonderkids. Meet the fixer, master, money man, tortoise and inventor.

Zillow is the real estate industry — period

Just as Google is to search, Facebook is to social and Amazon is to e-commerce, Zillow is to real estate.

What the Amazon-Realogy deal might mean for real estate

The news today that Amazon is tiptoeing into the real estate service territory should be of no surprise. Yes, it is a big deal, but the announcement makes sense.

Why I’m excited about Inman Connect Las Vegas

We’re rounding out the 23rd year of Inman Connect and the first ever in Las Vegas. Brad Inman has been at the center of them all. Here’s why Vegas has him more excited than ever.

Earthquake memories

In the past few days, a scad of natural disaster memories flooded back to me. Some were deadly, and some came with happy endings.

Zillow peering in your window may be a good sign

With its impressive stock turn around, Zillow is stalking firms that can support their fast growing instant-offer biz model.

Is a Compass IPO coming soon?

My gut tells me that Compass might file an IPO sooner than later — this year, even. In doing so, they’d seek to join the gaggle of private tech companies rushing to go public before the bubble (if that’s what this is) bursts.