Disconnect: Industry leaders set to define real estate’s future

Real estate leaders rolling up their sleeves for three days to come up with an ambitious forecast for where the industry will be in five years. That is the plan at Inman Disconnect in the Desert, April 8-10 in Palm Springs.

Why are top CEOs being purged from real estate?

Companies today must be fortified with transformative leaders — not executives who hold onto the past, peddling fear and resisting change.

Brace for Zillow 2.0: Fully unleashed

Like the Warren Buffett-Charlie Munger superhero partnership, Zillow founder Rich Barton and his wingman Lloyd Frink run the show behind the Zillow curtain.

Is this Gary Keller’s Achilles heel?

Standing before 20,000 agent-followers in New Orleans last week, Gary Keller presented his latest triumphant moment, a mix of real estate and showmanship.

The platform wars: Why real estate is becoming like TV

A little late to the party, big real estate companies like Keller Williams are building platforms to stay relevant in the disruption age.

A real estate insider’s guide to 2019

From a changing market to Keller Williams building out its tech platform to Realogy’s big moves to supercharge agents, here’s an educated guess at what the industry can expect in one of its most decisive years on record.

Do real estate’s 300-year plans need a reality check?

The Softbank Vision Fund and the Qatar Investment Authority have broadened the definition of “long-term” when it comes to real estate investment.

The ‘Compass Effect’ is creating a tense industry battlefield

Suddenly real estate has become antagonistic and fiercely competitive, with major forces colliding and jockeying to reshape the landscape.

Agents reap the spoils of new technology, not consumers

In real estate, innovations in technology have ignored the consumer. Instead, agents get clever digital marketing tools and backend applications.

Realtors understand local housing problems better than anyone

Last week at the C.A.R. real estate summit, a Realtor gave a rousing speech about problems with the homeless. And while she acknowledged the need for compassion, she described the woes it creates for her community. She blasted local leadership for not …