8 customer service rules every agent should live by

No matter how hard real estate agents might attempt to dodge transaction issues, Murphy’s law sometimes wins — and it’s still the agent’s responsibility to make sure the transaction closes, regardless of what precipitated the problem.

The cost of buying a home today vs. a year from now

Consumers are aware that interest rates are increasing, but very few understand how costly these seemingly small increases can be over the life of a 30-year mortgage. It’s your job, as an agent, to explain to buyers why they need to buy right now.

5 strategies for jumping ahead of the new market

As we transition from a seller’s market to a flat or buyer’s market, you must shift your strategy to focus on how to deal with price depreciation rather than price appreciation. Here’s what to do if prices take a plunge in your area.

Very superstitious: 5 otherworldly beliefs that make or break a deal

Are you superstitious? What about your clients? Having a knowledge of astrology, feng shui and numerology might not be your thing, but often it can be a boon to your business if you pay attention to whether these belief systems matter to your clients.

21 signs it’s time to fire that annoying client

When times are tough, or you need the money, it may be tempting to lower your standards to work with a client whose way of approaching their transaction is clearly out of alignment with your personal integrity. More often than not, this choice results …

How to stop ‘he said, she said’ client disputes

As real estate agents, we often deal with volatile situations where emotions run high and disputes are common. These four steps will protect you in the case of arbitration, litigation and mixed-up memories.

Want to start 2019 with more commission checks? Do these 5 things

Here are five creative ways you can capitalize on this normally slow time of year and get 2019 off to a rip-roaring start.

What today’s ultra-luxury buyers want might surprise you

There’s a tectonic shift taking place in the ultra-luxury market that may leave many of today’s mega-mansions languishing on the market. In fact, the very amenities that many people have valued in the past, may make their property worth less, rather than more.

Win all of your listing appointments without breaking your budget

While Compass, Keller Williams, Redfin and the rest are duking it out for the best tech, what can a single agent do to beat the competition on listing appointments? Spend about $50 a month on technology that’ll win sellers over.

9 tips for filing insurance claims after a catastrophe

Whether it’s a hurricane like Florence, a tropical storm like Lane or a flood, tornado, earthquake or fire, it can take years to resolve a major insurance claim and restore a property. Don’t miss these nine tips for filing a claim from a public insurance adjuster who has seen it all.