Why the ‘bombshell lawsuit’ might be a dud

The issues and potential threat that the Moehrl lawsuit poses to the real estate industry, specifically in regard to sharing listings and compensation through the MLS, have been outlined — but in this two-part series, you’ll be taken on a deep dive into the mistakes, errors and problems contained within this complaint.

5 real estate dragons (and how to tame them)

Have you ever encountered a “dragon” in one of your deals? They come in many different varieties — the persnickety business manager or CPA, the testy attorney, the nit-picking inspector, the appraiser who doesn’t know the area, the helicopter parent and more. If you find yourself facing one of these flame-breathers, here’s how to tame it and keep from getting burned.

Are you making these embarrassing print marketing mistakes?

Do you regularly use snail mail print marketing? When used properly, it can be a powerful lead generator — but use it incorrectly, and you and your marketing piece end up in the garbage. Here’s an analysis of what several agents did right, as well as where they got it really wrong, with their marketing methods.

Will individual agents be the real winners in the iBuyer game?

IBuyers might not be as formidable as the press makes them out to be. In fact, it seems that the real success stories in the iBuyer arena come from agents conducting old-fashioned print marketing campaigns. Here’s a look at why the first agents who rea…

‘That’s a hard pass’: 6 times agents should say no

Do you have an overpriced listing where the seller refuses to face reality? Do you have too many commitments and not enough time? Strengthening your “no” muscle can help you avoid trouble as well as enhance your image as a trustworthy individual.

Up against a reduced-fee commission model? Here’s how to win

How do you compete against what seems to consumers like a better deal? Become the premium agent who provides better tools, top-notch negotiation skills and concierge-level service. Here’s how to do that.

How to recruit top agents like the big dogs: Part 2

For small and indie brokers to compete against the big dogs when recruiting, they must be able to articulate their strengths, uncover the agent’s motivation for leaving their present firm and provide them with concrete strategies to help them build their business.

How to recruit top talent like the big dogs: Part 1

Signing bonuses, big marketing budgets, 100 percent splits — the recruiting battle for agents today is fiercer than ever. Nevertheless, small and indie brokers can win against “big dogs” if they know how to leverage their strengths and capitalize on what resonates most with agents.

Why buyers should always handle repairs

When a repair issue comes up during a transaction, do you try to persuade the sellers to handle the repairs before the deal closes, or do you issue the buyers a credit and let them handle it?

Technology is never the solution

In the ongoing conversation about agent-centric versus client-centric, Bernice Ross weighs in on why technology isn’t the be-all, end-all for brokerage longevity.