Here’s how to help jump-start your local economy

The COVID-19 outbreak has taken a toll on many businesses nationwide. As a real estate agent, here are a few ideas for using your wealth of knowledge and expertise to help local business owners weather the storm.

What can agents do to seize more market share now?

As stay-at-home orders are slowly being lifted, what action steps will you take to increase your market share? Prepare for “go time” by implementing these eight strategies now.

What’s next? C.A.R.’s VP addresses agent concerns

Agents are hungry to know what’s going to happen to their businesses and the industry as a whole. Leslie Appleton-Young, the vice president of the California Association of Realtors, shares a real-world, data-driven snapshot into today’s realities.

How to determine prices in a post-COVID-19 market

To accurately measure how your market is shifting, here are some strategies on pricing properties in a post-COVID-19 market, plus a few scripts to help you discuss changing prices with your clients.

How to talk to distressed homeowners about their options

If you know of anyone who is facing a mortgage crunch due to COVID-19, time is of the essence. Here’s how you can help struggling homeowners get the help they need to fix their mortgage issues and keep their homes.

How to use YouTube to boost your lead generation

Want to easily locate thousands of leads, pay next to nothing for them and have very little competition? You can do exactly that if you’re willing to jump on YouTube, create your own channel, and follow Jackson Wilkey’s advice about how to go about it.

What can you do when leads plummet? Here’s a plan

As lead sources dwindle while we’re all sheltering in place, here’s how you can double down and take the basics of lead conversion digital.

How to stay in touch and generate leads in a changing market

Despite today’s uncertainty, real estate agents still need to find ways to drum up new business. With these practices and helpful cold-calling scripts, agents can generate new leads while staying top-of-mind with previous clients.

8 strategies for working around coronavirus roadblocks

Columnist Bernice Ross reached out to the Inman Coast to Coast Facebook group this week to find out how agents are pivoting to cope with today’s COVID-19 market. Here are some workarounds for the issues agents are facing in the field.

10 strategies for combating the stress of uncertainty

Although you can’t anticipate what the pandemic will do in the future, you can control how you respond to it. Here are 10 strategies to help ease anxiety.