Want to accomplish more? 5 reasons to hire an assistant

The first hire you should make as a real estate agent or entrepreneur is an assistant. A great assistant will bring four times their annual salary in revenue to the business. What are you waiting for? It’s an investment you can’t afford not to make.

6 ICNY takeaways this KW broker took to heart

Inman Connect New York 2019 left us with many lessons centered around the customer experience. From emotional intelligence and fiduciary responsibilities, to using tech in a way that enhances agent services instead of replacing them, here are six off-t…

Listen, love and appreciate: 5 things 2018 taught this KW broker

New year’s goals and resolutions aren’t everyone’s cup of tea — but a good bit of reflection never hurt anyone. For one Keller Williams broker, the end of the year brought many lessons about business, leadership, relationships and more. Here are the top five lessons Adam Hergenrother learned in 2018.

A KW team leader reacts to Gary Keller’s return as CEO

Keller Williams expansion team leader Adam Hergenrother shares his thoughts on Gary Keller returning as KW’s CEO as well as four things we can learn from Keller’s leadership.

Want to be successful in a changing market? Master this skill

As the market continues to shift, real estate agents and business owners will be looking for predictable cash flow. The best way to accomplish that is by following this proven model for setting appointments.

Real estate is an adventure race: 8 steps to win

Adam Hergenrother reflects on his 35-hour USARA Adventure Race National Championship and how it translates to real estate business building.

Agents, don’t fear the iBuyer

So, Keller Williams is jumping into the iBuyer game — but why? Isn’t a brokerage supposed to be all about its agents? Well, yes. It just so happens that there’s a bright future for agents who can offer iBuyer services.

Why virtual brokerages will make real estate expansion teams unstoppable

As Keller Williams enters the virtual brokerage space, Adam Hergenrother explains what we know about how KW virtual brokerages will work and how they will impact the industry.

Why I trust Gary Keller to stand up for Realtors

Adam Hergenrother, a Keller Williams broker-owner, shares why he’s placing his bet on Gary Keller for the industry’s future, especially after seeing the KW co-founder onstage at Inman Connect San Francisco.